Relic Medal 3rd Class Saint Faustina Kowalska Mystic Visionary Apostle Divine Mercy Miraculous Jesus I Trust in You Jesús, yo confío en Ti Coronilla de la Divina Misericordia

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3rd class relic medal Saint Faustina Kowalska mystic and visionary related to the True Relic Chaplet Apostle Divine of Mercyl JESUS I TRUST IN YOU rosary based Three O' Clock prayer What is Ex indumentis? The phrase Ex indumentis is Latin for "from the clothing", most commonly used when referring to 2nd Class holy relics of saints or blessed individuals In proper ecclesiastical phraseology, ex indumentis is used when referring to an article or fragment of clothing that was owned or used by a saint (or similarly blessed individual). However, In recent years, contemporary manufacturers of relic medals, holy plaques, saint statues and religious trinkets label their items as being ex indumentis even though they are not such; rather, they are items touched to an actual relic of the saint, then stamped out en-masse to be attached to their souvenir medals or statues,etc. As such, they are 3rd-class relics and not 2nd-class relics, as the phrase ex indumentis implies. All our items are marketed as 3rd class relics. They are items touched to the actual relic of the saint.

  • Selling the medal only, the relic that comes with it you receive as a gift.